"Should we do a first look???"

I get this question all the time. And while I totally believe there is no right or wrong answer here, I'd have to say - I'm literally obsessed with first looks and what it offers. Why? Because this is YOUR time, YOUR space, A moment for just you two to see each other before all the commotion, time for you to calm your nerves, a moment to take a deep breath, a moment to laugh or cry, this is YOUR moment to take in the day that you have been planning for quite sometime. The wedding timeline can be crazy at times, and the first look is more than just a chance to see your person looking fine as hell before the ceremony, its a chance to say I choose you and lets get out there and do this thing babe! So if you ask me I will always say yes to these kind of moments.

Some couples think that by having a first look their husband wont cry at the altar while they are walking down the asile. This is False if they are the type to get emotional then they absolutely will again when they see you come down surrounded by all your family and friends.

A first look gives you more time for Portraits or to hang with your guests at cocktail hour! You can choose to do your photos with your wedding party (if you have one) and/or get all your romantics out of the way right after the first look, so when its time to party you can spend time with your family and friends!

remember this is your wedding day and if you don't feel comfortable with a first look then don't do one. either way your day will be amazing as is!